My mission as an elected official includes the following:

To Promote Vibrant Neighborhoods by:

  • Better funding for sidewalk installation and maintenance to connect neighborhoods and provide safety.
  • Focusing on solving the complex problem of dirty and vacant lots resulting in increased property values and safety.
  • Continuing support for quality parks and connection to greenways resulting in a better quality of life.
  • Continuing to support connectivity and transition between commercial districts and neighborhoods.

To Grow and Recruit High Quality Jobs by:

  • Being aggressive in business recruitment using Knoxville’s quality of life and affordability as a natural tool.
  • Improving and streamlining the building permit process. This will provide a more efficient experience for businesses looking to locate or grow in Knoxville. The online submission of plans would be one area that could be improved.
  • Provide Quality Educational Opportunities

Although the city is not in the business of operating schools, we must be in the business of partnering with Knox County to improve our schools.

Project Grad has provided many benefits to the schools in its focus but should be expanded to include other struggling schools inside the city limits.

Partnerships should be explored to expand workforce-training opportunities for those not wishing to attend college.


Check out this video from the re-election campaign. Knoxville is a wonderful place, but we’re not done with all the great things we hope to do. Stay tuned for more from George!